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If you need period correct technology, we’ll either have it or can get it. We’re massive geeks. We’ll make your scenes so authentic, even the most pedantic neckbeards will love you. Once nerds notice the tiny details you got right, they’ll dedicate their lives to telling anyone who’ll listen how great your production is! Free marketing!
But if you get it wrong? The internet never forgives, never forgets!

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The history and future of computing is an important topic most kids have never thought about. They take the current state of technology for granted and have little idea how far we’ve come.

Without a sense of the past, it's hard for them to comprehend where we’re going and we need kids to get interested in future technologies.

This hands-on expo gets kids involved with the timeline of progress, from early 70s computing, up to the start of modern PCs.

They love it! Sure, mostly because they can play games, but that is the clearest way for them to understand just how far we’ve come since they’re already playing modern games. Trick them into learning!

What’s odd is that even though the games are incredibly primitive compared to what they’re used to, they still seem to love it. Feeling and using the actual hardware, with the clacky keyboards, buzzy glowing monitors, beeping sounds and floppy discs whirring is something most of them have never experienced and is something modern devices completely lack.

Available programs

The programs aim to give the students a proper chance to get to know the machines beyond the fleeting “don’t touch” type of museum visit (Victoria doesn’t really even have a technology museum!)

The multi era programs work the best, as it focuses the students on a specific period and let's them get a feel for it. We’ve found that having things like a working Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart causes the older ‘worse’ systems to be ignored. Without distractions from the later ‘better’ systems, the students actually give the more primitive ones a proper chance and end up liking and appreciating them. Then when later systems are introduced, they can get a sense of the difference and progress.

All programs also include a selection of interesting technology from the era. Eg Huge phones, laser discs, walkmans etc

All computers can be set up and left with the school (Library etc) to give them a real chance to get to know them.
Talks and tours can be added as desired.

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Two week, two eras

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Two locations. Kew, Melbourne and North West Tasmania.